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Our promise is simple. We offer high quality, high strength, premium kava powder – at the cheapest prices. Think the ‘Dan Murphy’s of places you can Buy Kava in Australia’. Read on to find out why. Here’s a few easy links though.

How/Why our Kava is Cheaper, Yet Higher Quality than the rest

How Our Kava Makes Your Feel

Why It’s Important to Us That Our Kava is Safe

Hit Me with some Kava History

Kava Recipes, Guides & More

What You Need To Know to Buy Kava in Australia at the Best Value.

Kava has been made legal for import into Australia after a very long ban, and this has set the tongues wagging across news outlets and social media. The rush for kava by everyone from stressed-out people looking to chill out, to party-goers trying to socialise, is similar in Australia compared with truffle season in Europe. Everyone wants some of the stuff like an eager kid at their first tuckshop!

You can read a full guide which makes it a piece of cake to buy kava in Australia. But honestly, read below and you’ll get a quick idea of why Australian Kava Co’s Kava Powder is the highest quality for the cheapest price, direct for world-famous Vanuatu and Fiji farms. Then buy kava here.

Where Can I Buy Kava Root Powder in Australia?

You can purchase kava root powder from a number of retailers in Australia. But it’s worth noting the industry is very new, so there are a lot of cowboys slinging whatever they can find online to whoever will buy it, and at whatever price they feel.

Why Our Kava is Cheaper and Yet Higher Quality/Strength than the Rest:

We’re different to most Kava Sellers.

We have spent an enormous amount of time trekking through kava farms (so to speak) to find the best Kava available and implemented a ‘no frills’ process to offer premium high-quality kava at the lowest kava price possible.

This is how we get Vanuatu’s High Strength Kava

We collect kava roots straight off the richest quality Vanuatu farms with the strongest Kava. Stronger Kava is often just kava that has grown for longer, and is more expensive to farm as a result. SO, how is our Kava so cheap for the world to enjoy? Read on.

Our next step us that we dry the kava out & blend the kava into a much finer powder than others would. We test the Kava root in Vanuatu for 100% purity, taste and food standards safety, then import kava root to Brisbane in a big shipment saving bulk on freight which we pass on to you.

Upon arrival, Australian authorities conduct analysis to test our Kava purity claims, check our Kava labelling, and approve it for community distribution and sale.

The Kava stock sits in our warehouse, packed and ready.

Finally, we just slap your address on each bag, and send your orders out daily. This means we make almost nothing on each bag, but as a result can sell kava with the safest industry standard to everyday Australians, and commercial kava bar establishments (what a great substitute for alcohol!).

So that’s how Australian Kava Co buyers, buy the best strength kava, at the lowest price when they purchase from us.

There is no profiteering, we don’t have a sales team to promote us or HR, you’re essentially just buying drinking kava from your friends in Vanuatu. The world’s best kava growers. Fiji Kava is soon to come from our friends in Fiji. 


So here’s our Kava buyers promise:

We sell premium high-quality and strength Kava to Australian customers and Pacific Islander community regions, at bare bones prices.

What more could Australians want? You get your Kava closest to the source. 

We are able to supply fresh Kava from Vanuatu which we have in our Brisbane warehouse and dispatch today. Not tomorrow! So not only will your kava come quickly, it’s of the highest strength you can get, and at the cheapest price you will find. Buy Kava from our online store to experience the best kava of your life (lucky you!).

How Does Kava Powder Work & Make You Feel?

Kava is a little bit like the feeling you get from strong relaxing medications, but in a much smaller dose – but it changes from person to person. When Kava is consumed (check out our kava recipes and guide to making it here) it can give serene relaxation and the feeling of being on a cloud. So you should not drive or operate heavy machinery – instead just chill out on the couch!

It uses what’s called “Kavalactones” which are said to basically slow the connection from your brain to your body. You can feel secure, warm, fuzzy, your muscles relax and in a few hours, you’ll likely fall asleep. It’s a feeling you might not receive from anything else, and you don’t normally hear people complaining to feel that warm, secure & fuzzy for hours. Australian Kava Co’s Kava is said to give you a sort of sense of security, of protection, and comfort. We only sell quality Kava high in Kavalactones.

How Kava Made Our Team Feel

Last year our team, after waking up from a Kava sleep (10+hrs) couldn’t stop RAVING about the kava we had found in Vanuatu. Which we now supply to you.

People trade beers for Fiji or Vanuatu kava, and trade their nightcaps for Kava bowls. It can help you sleep better, sleep longer or honestly just sit down chilling for hours. Obviously, effects may vary and you should trial it for yourself to see your unique reaction. All we can say is our team loved it and we have tried many kavas. Usually, the team barista’s favourite coffee or the chef’s favourite meal at a restaurant is pretty good. But hey, trial it for yourself and take into account taste, strength, and always take into account your tolerance levels for Kava

Learn About Kava Recipes, Buyer Guides & More

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Why You Should Buy Kava in Australia

It’s now legal to buy Kava in Australia! So why not give it a go? You might like the feeling it gives you.

But what if the Kava isn’t safe?

Our Kava is high quality, organically grown, and sustainably sourced. This means that you can trust us to provide you with quality, lab tested buy kava. Speaking of lab testing, we believe that all buy kava should be accurately analysed for purity and potency before it reaches your hands. After all, if kava isn’t pure kava, then what’s the point? our Kava is all tested upon departure from Vanuatu, and arrival in Australia. Double! It’s important to us, because we want you to be safe and we don’t want Kava to get a bad name!

We’re a Safe, CERTIFIED, Australian Kava Shop

We are your one-stop shop for kava powder. We offer convenient online ordering and fast, SAFE, reliable Australian Kava Co delivery. Don’t risk just buying mud water from other kava suppliers!

Still unsure about buying kava?

We understand that the decision to buy kava can be a big one, and we want you to feel confident in your buy. So reach out to our team if you have any questions, or want to know about anything.

Kava History In The Pacific

Hit me with some Kava History

Fiji Kava is strong, but people say Vanuatu’s is stronger.

Kava is known for its ability to relax the body and mind. In the South Pacific it has been used for thousands of years as a ceremonial drink before important events and gatherings, to bring people together in a relaxed setting.

Kava is a traditional drink from the South Pacific islands made from the roots of the kava plant which can make you feel very relaxed, remove anxiety, and can make you feel more social. Kava has been used for centuries in ceremonies and social gatherings, and is known for its relaxing effects.

How Was Kava Traditionally Used?

Kava was traditionally used by many of the people of the Pacific for social tonic and customary ceremonies.

Honestly, if there was a wedding in Fiji and you didn’t bring Kava with you – you would be in trouble.

If there was someone in your neighbourhood having issues and needed help? Bring Kava with you (hey that might be applicable in Australia too!)

Almost all circumstances call for you to – that’s right – bring Kava with you.

The Spread of Kava Use

Almost all South Pacific States (eg. Fiji) integrate this aspect into their society. Popularity of Kava in the US has increased over the last 10 years. Kava bars are sold throughout the United States. Currently, Australia’s population has a chance to consume kava after years of it being banned. So slurp up some grog and give it a go!

Buy Kava at the Australia Kava Shop Early in the piece

Kava can now be imported to Australia. We were amongst the very first to act on this. Our Australian Kava Shop in the Australian market delivers high-quality products at the cheapest price because we have a unique direct to customer process. We don’t take fat margins, and we don’t mess around getting Kava straight from the farmers to your bowls.

What Varieties do we use?

All varieties from the most reputable exporters are supplied to us but we only pick the best to display which is why we have access to the favourite and highest quality Vanuatu Kava. Our kava products are all certified to be nobles and have passed microbial tests in the country of origin. Once here in Australia our kava passes Australia’s statutory requirements in terms of food safety and biological quality and is shipped to Australia by accredited food packaging companies.

Our Experience Matters When Helping you Buy Kava Australia

The company is based in Brisbane and has been searching for the best Kava for decades. During that period we established relationships with kava suppliers from across the Pacific and whole world.

Buy Kava online today!

Our Australia KAVA Shop in Australia carries kava powders from Vanuatu with soon to come varieties from Fiji, Solomon Islands and even South Africa. You have reached your premium Kava destination, unmatched anywhere else in Australia!


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