How to Make Kava

Follow our simple 4 step guide. Make sure you have an empty stomach for stronger effects!

Australian Kava Co | How To Make Kava in Australia | Australia Specific Kava Recipes

Put Kava in Strainer Bag

30g of our Kava per person. More for stronger effects. Our Kava is strong, so minimal is required. Empty stomach recommended for stronger effects.

Australian Kava Co | How To Make Kava in Australia | Australia Specific Kava Recipes

Mix Water & Milk in Large Bowl

Mix 400ml water, 200ml Milk (regular, almond, oat, etc) in a big bowl, per person.

how to make kava

Place Strainer Bag in Bowl & Massage

Massage the kava bag in the water/milk mix for 5-10 min.

Australian Kava Co | How To Make Kava in Australia | Australia Specific Kava Recipes

Prepare to meet supreme relaxation first hand

Don’t sip – DOWN that Kava in gulps. Don’t go driving or operating heavy machinery. Just chill, watch a movie, relax, or whatever. You’re about to be on a cloud.

More Explanation – How to Make Kava

Ok I’ll tell you. sheesh.

So with all of these recipes comes the requirement to “MAKE KAVA” so what is that anyway? How do you make Kava? How much Kava do I mix with water? What’s right for me?


We’ll help show you how to make Kava, and how much kava to mix with (honestly) just the bare info you need (below) – no fluff ok. A Kava Recipe for a little batch, and a more effective/efficient way to make a big batch.

The Easiest Way to Make Small Doses Kava

Beginner dosage & kava recipe for one person (just multiply it if making for more than you though duh):

  • Take 1 tablespoon of Kava (buy kava here)
  • Mix with 1 cup of water (240ml or so) & stir for like 5 or so minutes. Add Half a Cup (120ml milk, or coconut milk, any you like). This helps make it stronger, as some kavalactones dissolve better into the fat in milk.
  • Strain it through something. We will have kava filtering sleeves soon so check our kava shop for that. Put into another cup.
  • There you have it. You can drink that kava  recipe now.

The Easiest Way to Make BIG Doses Kava

Ok so you are having all your cool friends over for a party, or to play Dungeons and Dragons and you want them to have the elixir of relaxation from the frog men of the moon.

Here’s the easiest way to make a mega batch. It’s called the blender method (because you use a blender……)

  • Get a tablespoon of Kava Powder per person (low dose) or two (higher dose). This only applies to our Kava, as it is classified as Strong Kava (9-11% Kavalactones – the active ingredient that makes you feel all chilled yet grilled).
  • Put that into a blender, and fill the blender with water. Not right to the top, or it’s gonna explode everywhere. Honestly, the less water, the more concentrated. But try to have a bit in there so it’s still able to dissolve. Maybe like 100ml water per person. If you want to make it stronger, add about 50ml of milk for each person. That helps dissolve the Kavalactones better and make a stronger drink overall.
  • Blend on a low, low speed for about 4 minutes or so. Don’t leave it going and forget about it or the blender will get super hot and the kava will be nasty and require refrigeration.
  • Get a big bowl (the salad bowl from next to the oven in the draw will do. Or wherever you keep it I don’t know).
  • Basically just filter the liquid into your salad bowl. So to do that, go get your official Australian Kava Filter Bag (not in stock yet), or an old (but please, clean) t-shirt will do, then pour the Kava blender water in there, filtering it over the top of the salad bowl, so you don’t spill it on the floor and the dog comes and licks it up. Probably not good for the dog. As you are getting to the end of the pour, kind of wrap the shirt or filter up so that you can squeeze the liquid out. You’ll be left with the kava powder in your shirt thing. But make sure you squeeze it all out.

There you have it, a salad bowl of Kava. So non-traditional and would anger the Fijian culture, but hey maybe you don’t want to buy a big expensive wood bowl.

Then share that Kava around!

You can alter how much Kava powder you use, to change strength. You don’t have to ‘up’ the water you use to match if you don’t want.


We’ve shown you the easiest and most simple ways to make kava. You’ll need to Buy Kava from our store (we’re pretty much the cheapest with one of the highest kavalactones (active ingredient) content around. You’ll also need something to strain it (an old T-Shirt if you have to) and a salad bowl (ideally a kava bowl).

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