Kava Recipe: Kava & Hydrolyte (you pisshead)
Australian Kava Co | Kava Recipe: Kava & Hydrolyte (you pisshead)

Australian Kava

We get it, you went out last night to Rics in the Valley, sat on the smoker’s deck for 8hrs vaping and have woken up feeling like a dried-out fish on the beach.

Well aren’t you in luck!

Because we bring to you a Kava recipe to make that pain go away!

What could be better, than drinking Kava (relaxing) alongside hydrating yourself (excellent for your health – obviously).

Well, we bring you both combined. Kava & Hydralyte.

This mix will have you feeling relaxed, calm and less anxious about what you said, did, or did not do – the night before. Not only that, it will help that ripping headache and feeling of “Sahara mouth” where your throat is more dry than that show ‘Dry’ with Eric Bana.

If you aren’t in the know, kava contains kavalactones which basically make you feel chill as a cucumber. It was made legal in Australia in December 2021, for 2 years (when they might boot it out again, maybe).

Check out our Australian Kava information page for that low-down.

What’s the Recipe Mate?


It’s this: go grab maybe 25-50g of kava – basically whatever your preference is. Hit us up if you want strong stuff.

Mix it up with 300ml water, or so and strain it (strainer bags coming soon but otherwise just use a cloth kk)

Pop a Hydralyte in.


“But how do I make the Kava water”

Step 1: Buy Kava from our online store. Hit up express shipping if you’re going on that bender sooner rather than later.

Step 2: Mix that kava (a few tablespoons, directions are on the packet) with water for like, 5-10 min. Then strain that through a cloth into a bowl or jug or whatever we don’t mind.

Then the other stuff..


Step 4. Nice your all good that’s all there is to it. Well, drink it obviously.

Step 5: Go watch Futurama or something

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Australian Kava Co | Kava Recipe: Kava & Hydrolyte (you pisshead)

Kava is now available in Australia for the public for the first time in years.

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