Kava Recipes: Kava & Tomato Juice (Dirty Mary)
Australian Kava Co | Kava Recipes: Kava & Tomato Juice (Dirty Mary)

Australian Kava

Ok, yes, it sounds disgusting. But then again so does a Bloody Mary and people love those?

So why not give this Kava Recipe with Tomato Juice a shot.

Mix 1 part Kava, with 3 parts Tomato juice.

You might like to try a few tablespoons of Kava (say 25-50g) at first, it totally depends on your taste & what you like.

Further, why not throw in some other ingredients? Follow the bloody mary recipe even (maybe leave out the Alcohol though – that is our official statement).

Tabasco sauce, hot sauce, whatever – the world is your oyster. Hey maybe even throw Oyster juice in there. That’s what the Canadians do.

Mix this up into a big jug, or else make single servings.

Cheers! & enjoy your Kava Tomato Juice (Dirty Mary).

Need Kava to mix in with the TJ (Tomato Juice). Try our Kava which averages 9% kavalactone content (for the big boys & girls only). Buy kava here.

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Australian Kava Co | Kava Recipes: Kava & Tomato Juice (Dirty Mary)

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