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Kava Tablets vs Kava Powder in Australia – The Important Difference

Australian Kava

Kava has become popular in the West over the last few years for its ability to relax and calm you without being sedative. Kava is especially great during times of stress or times when you have trouble sleeping at night.

But you might see both Kava Powder and Kava Tablets – what’s the difference?

The difference is Kava Tablets are more for health use as Kava powder is more for enjoyment and relaxation. Kava tablets and Kava powder can both be used for relaxation and sleep, but Kava Tablets is more beneficial to the liver than Kava powder.

See below for what a kava tablet might look like. They also often look more like a pressed pill but it varies depending on who has made it & for what purpose.

What is Kava Powder Made of?

Kava powder is also known as Kavalactone Powder with 60-80% concentration, and Kavapyrone content at <1%. Kavalactone is the main chemical that is responsible Kava Powder for relaxing properties. Kavalactone content in Kava powder may also vary depending on what Kava Plant it comes from, how old Kava plant is when harvested, curing procedures used, if Kava root was scraped or ground up before making Kava powder etc.

At Australian Kava we ensure that the product we source has good and strong levels of Kavalactone so you can feel the full effects.

Kavalactone content in Kava powder is great for treating insomnia, stress relief and Kava Powder Kavain or Kavalactone pills are great for relieving the side effects of menopause and restless leg syndrome.

         Kava tablets are made from Kava root that has been ground into fine particles before being compressed into a tablet form often at lower doses than if you were to have the raw kava powder and mix it yourself.

Taste of Kava Powder vs Kava Tablets

The obvious benefit of a Kava tablet is that it is not something you will taste, and therefore much easier on your stomach. Kava tablets are made with a water extract of the Kava plant, while Kava powder is made from the root of the Kava plant and contains the entire spectrum of kavalactones.

The main disadvantage of Kava powder is that it’s very bitter, so it’s not as easy to enjoy as Kava tablets. Kava powder can also be more difficult to mix with water or juice, making it harder to drink.

Usage of Kava Tablets vs Kava Powder

Kava tablets are a great way to get some of the health benefits of kava without having to taste it or worry about the bitter flavour. But realistically, you are not going to get the same effect from Kava tablets. You might find that they aren’t as strong, and often do not have the same make-up as Kava powder to give you a bit of a high.

Kava Tablets for Medical Use

Kava tablets are more often used for medical purposes. This is because Kava powder is actually banned in some countries and was previously banned in Australia.

Kava’s relaxing effect makes it great for many conditions, including stress, anxiety and insomnia. It can also help with depression or menopausal symptoms. Kavain Kavalactone is used by pharmaceutical companies as a treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome. Kava tablets are often used by people who suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms, Kava can help reduce cravings and feelings of anxiousness.

Kava Powder is more for Relaxation and Enjoyment

Drinking Kava as a powdered form mixed with water is usually for the purposes of enjoyment, and less for medical use. Kava powder can be mixed with kcordial and water for a much better tasting cocktail or added to lemonade or orange juice for Kava Kocktails, which are very popular in the South Pacific.

This generally helps make the mixture taste better too!

But where do you get Kava powder? Check out our Kava Australia store page here. This is now live given Kava has been approved for import!

Overall: Kava powder is the best way to enjoy kava’s stronger effects. Kava Tablets are better used to treat medical conditions.

Does Kava Powder Cost More than Kava Tablets?

No! Generally, for what you get, Kava powder is also much cheaper than Kava tablets. So if you’re looking to relax and enjoy kava, go with Kava powder which you can buy online here!

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