(VALUE PACK) 1kg Full Strength Premium Kava (AAA GRADE) + Custom Engineered Strainer Bag


Get 1kg of Kava + a custom engineered strainer Bag for a bargain in this value pack.

Our ultra-high quality and purity Kava is AAA grade and from The Island of Pentecost in Vanuatu from the Gorgor/Borogu variety and is available to ship from our Brisbane warehouse in Australia now! Get your order in just a few days if you order now with our delivery guarantee.

The best kava powder you can buy online. Our powdered Noble Kava is a premium quality, full-spectrum kavalactone extract. It is the most complete and potent form of powdered kava root available anywhere in the world. Grown organically on small family farms in Vanuatu, the powder ensures the maximum potency and purity of this noble root.

Highly reviewed Kava

Product Description

This product is a 1kg bag of Noble Kava Dry Root + a custom-engineered strainer bag specifically for straining high-strength kava. It is pure very fine grind powdered kava powder and makes you feel very relaxed. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding to water or juice to make an instant drink or mixing with milk for a more traditional taste.

The bag is able to be sent to you in Australia from our local warehouse,  where we have imported the kava from Vanuatu. The delivery time is 1-4 days and the fastest with Express post.

This will enable you to purchase kava that is strong, and at a cheaper price than elsewhere on the internet.

Otis Garrett Avatar
Australian Kava is my go-to. The quality and service have never let me down.
Otis Garrett 08/11/24
Natalia Chase Avatar
The Vanuatu Kava they stock is excellent. Makes for a very peaceful evening.
Natalia Chase 01/01/70
Sterling Wood Avatar
Love supporting an Aussie business, especially when the product is this good.
Sterling Wood 01/01/70
Holly Higgins Avatar
For someone new to Kava, their guide was super helpful and made the experience great.
Holly Higgins 01/01/70
Cason Hammond Avatar
The customer support was so friendly, they answered all my questions about Kava.
Cason Hammond 01/01/70
Isla Atkins Avatar
Amazing product, helps me unwind after a busy day. The quality is consistent.
Isla Atkins 06/02/24
Alden Baker Avatar
Australian Kava has exceeded my expectations. The blend is just right for me.
Alden Baker 01/01/70
Phoebe Cisneros Avatar
Never had such a smooth experience ordering Kava online. Great product, great service.
Phoebe Cisneros 05/05/24
Preston Lawson Avatar
Fast delivery and the Kava effect is just what I needed for my stress levels.
Preston Lawson 01/01/70
Keyla Matthews Avatar
I was skeptical, but this Kava is great. Good taste and very soothing.
Keyla Matthews 04/07/24
Crosby Quintero Avatar
Their strainer bag is durable and a must-have for kava preparation. So convenient.
Crosby Quintero 01/01/70
Zelda McLean Avatar
The Vanuatu Kava from these guys is the real deal. Strong and effective.
Zelda McLean 03/10/24
Peyton Ali Avatar
Shipping was fast and the product is just fantastic. Felt the effects and slept like a baby.
Peyton Ali 01/01/70
can C Avatar
Helpful and great to deal with. They had standard post as the delivery option when I ordered online. They posted immediately!! They were great and quick but Aus Post stuffed it up a bit so I asked if there was an express option for next time… Not only did they reply saying they’ll add that option this week but gave me a discount code too. Thanks for the great service Tom and team 😉
can C 05/06/22
Melani Fitzgerald Avatar
Customer service was very helpful, walked me through the process as a first-time buyer.
Melani Fitzgerald 02/09/24
Tania Wilson Avatar
Excellent customer service and a high quality product!
Tania Wilson 11/06/22
Jeremias Duke Avatar
Reliable delivery and the Kava quality is consistent. Been a game-changer for my evening routine.
Jeremias Duke 01/01/70
Eva Woodward Avatar
Fantastic customer service and the Kava is top quality. Really helps with my sleep issues.
Eva Woodward 01/12/24
B W Avatar
I've been ordering from Australian Kava for a while now. I can't get enough of their quality products, especially their Borogu Kava! The customer service is top notch as well and they always respond to my questions quickly. Great online store!
B W 05/05/22
Nehemiah Carey Avatar
Exceptional service and product. Their Kava has a consistently calming effect.
Nehemiah Carey 12/12/24
Aniya Ellis Avatar
Australian Kava offers a top-tier product. The Borogu Kava is especially impressive.
Aniya Ellis 10/12/24
Colette Porter Avatar
Fantastic Kava with a smooth taste and relaxing effect. Highly recommend.
Colette Porter 08/12/24
Colton Kelly Avatar
After many purchases, I can confidently say their quality is consistently high.
Colton Kelly 07/12/24
Walter Bowen Avatar
If you're after strong and authentic Kava, look no further than Australian Kava.
Walter Bowen 06/12/24
Xavier Deleon Avatar
What impressed me most about Australian Kava was not just the quality of their product but the efficiency of their service. The express delivery ensures that my Kava arrives promptly, and each batch provides a consistent, deeply relaxing experience that has greatly improved my quality of life.
Xavier Deleon 05/12/24
Jabari Rogers Avatar
Great experience from start to finish. The Kava is top quality and the effects are ideal.
Jabari Rogers 04/12/24
Gerald Booth Avatar
The delivery is always quicker than expected, and the Kava quality is consistent.
Gerald Booth 02/12/24
Raegan Clayton Avatar
Found my stress-relief remedy with Australian Kava. The taste is quite pleasant too.
Raegan Clayton 01/12/24
Emory Hardin Avatar
Their express shipping is incredibly fast, and the Kava never disappoints.
Emory Hardin 12/11/24
Keily Moon Avatar
Can't beat the quality of Kava here. Plus, the shipping is impressively fast.
Keily Moon 11/11/24
Dorian Gallegos Avatar
Speedy delivery and exceptional Kava quality make for a great service overall.
Dorian Gallegos 11/11/24
Nia King Avatar
Their Vanuatu Kava is exceptional, providing a deep sense of calm.
Nia King 10/11/24
Elianna Campos Avatar
Impressed by the quality and effectiveness of their Kava for relaxation.
Elianna Campos 09/11/24
Angie Snow Avatar
Consistent quality with each order. Their Kava makes relaxation easy.
Angie Snow 07/11/24
Quincy Bass Avatar
The team at Australian Kava is very knowledgeable and the Kava is top-notch.
Quincy Bass 05/11/24
Leo Hill Avatar
Outstanding in every aspect: product quality, customer service, and delivery speed.
Leo Hill 03/11/24
Natalia Burgess Avatar
big fan of Australian Kava's stuff. Really liked it.
Natalia Burgess 02/11/24
Maison Barry Avatar
Quick delivery, and the quality of the Kava has made me a repeat customer.
Maison Barry 01/11/24
Sofia McCarthy Avatar
Their Kava varieties are all excellent, but the Borogu Kava is particularly outstanding.
Sofia McCarthy 08/10/24
Caleb Goodwin Avatar
From ordering to enjoying the Kava, the entire process is flawless with Australian Kava.
Caleb Goodwin 07/10/24
Tommy McBride Avatar
I was new to Kava and the team at Australian Kava made it so accessible.
Tommy McBride 06/10/24
Angie Moyer Avatar
Always satisfied with the quick delivery and the premium quality of the Kava.
Angie Moyer 06/10/24
Luca Cardenas Avatar
Exceptional service and the quality of the Kava is consistently excellent.
Luca Cardenas 05/10/24
Tripp Fields Avatar
The Kava from Australian Kava provides a unique and satisfying experience every time.
Tripp Fields 04/10/24
Kyleigh Klein Avatar
The quality is always excellent and the customer service is outstanding.
Kyleigh Klein 03/10/24
Louis House Avatar
Quality, service, and delivery are all top-notch with Australian Kava. Highly satisfied.
Louis House 02/10/24
Mazikee Duran Avatar
It's refreshing to find a company that delivers both high-quality Kava and service.
Mazikee Duran 01/10/24
Paola Ashley Avatar
I appreciate the variety and the detailed descriptions, made choosing Kava easy.
Paola Ashley 12/09/24
Ezra Ware Avatar
Always a positive experience with their Kava, from the ease of ordering to its effects.
Ezra Ware 12/09/24
Evelynn Grimes Avatar
The flavor is smooth and the effect is just what I needed for relaxation.
Evelynn Grimes 11/09/24
Selena Ali Avatar
Appreciate the variety of Kava they offer, all of high quality and potency.
Selena Ali 10/09/24
Haylee Sullivan Avatar
The potency of Australian Kava's product is unmatched. It's my go-to for relaxation.
Haylee Sullivan 09/09/24
Brandon Holmes Avatar
Their Kava selection is impressive, and the delivery times are always on point.
Brandon Holmes 08/09/24
Creed Casey Avatar
Australian Kava stands out not only for the quality of their product but for their commitment to customer satisfaction. The Kava itself offers a unique potency and smoothness that I haven't found elsewhere, providing an ideal means of relaxation and stress relief.
Creed Casey 06/09/24
Rowan Lozano Avatar
Their Kava is a game-changer for relaxation. The quality is evident in every batch.
Rowan Lozano 03/09/24
Everly May Avatar
Been a regular for months now; Australian Kava never disappoints with their quality.
Everly May 02/09/24
Ricardo Brady Avatar
Reliable, high-quality Kava with a pleasant taste. Highly effective for relaxation.
Ricardo Brady 01/09/24
Tiffany West Avatar
Love the potency and purity of their Kava, it's become an evening tradition for me.
Tiffany West 11/08/24
Conor Liu Avatar
Delightful customer service and the express post was incredibly swift!
Conor Liu 09/08/24
Colton Rollins Avatar
Pretty good but aus post lost my package so took ages to get here. Not their fault though i guess
Colton Rollins 09/08/24
Yaretzi Guzman Avatar
Their selection and quality of Kava are unmatched.
Yaretzi Guzman 08/08/24
Nolan Bonilla Avatar
Prompt delivery and the calming effect of their Kava is unmatched.
Nolan Bonilla 07/08/24
Daniella Truong Avatar
Consistent quality and effective relaxation with every order of Kava.
Daniella Truong 07/08/24
Jameson Carey Avatar
Their Kava hits the sweet spot every time. It's potent and pure.
Jameson Carey 06/08/24
Lucas Duncan Avatar
Their express delivery option is fantastic, getting high-quality Kava to me quickly.
Lucas Duncan 05/08/24
Damon Richards Avatar
The express option is incredibly convenient, ensuring I never run out of great Kava.
Damon Richards 04/08/24
Mira Pierce Avatar
The Kava has a nice, subtle flavor and the relaxing effect is just what I need.
Mira Pierce 03/08/24
Jesse Franco Avatar
Impressive Kava quality and the fast shipping makes it even better.
Jesse Franco 02/08/24
Luisa Roach Avatar
This Kava has a great kick to it, very effective for a calm evening.
Luisa Roach 01/08/24
Michaela Warren Avatar
Their fast, efficient service matches the high-quality Kava they provide.
Michaela Warren 12/07/24
Lyla Parks Avatar
Quick delivery and the Kava is consistently excellent.
Lyla Parks 10/07/24
Tori Castaneda Avatar
I appreciate the detailed descriptions, making it easy to find the perfect Kava for my needs.
Tori Castaneda 09/07/24
Aryan Gaines Avatar
A trustworthy company with a Kava product that consistently exceeds expectations.
Aryan Gaines 08/07/24
Jamison Castro Avatar
Discovering Australian Kava has been a revelation for my relaxation practices. The quality of their Kava, characterized by its potent effects and refined taste, has made it an indispensable part of my evening routine, helping me to unwind and relax more effectively than ever before.
Jamison Castro 07/07/24
Zyair Spears Avatar
Not only is the Kava of premium quality, but the customer service is also commendable.
Zyair Spears 06/07/24
Pearl Morton Avatar
Kava from Australian Kava Company is the best I've tried. The effects are strong and the flavor is quite mild.
Pearl Morton 04/07/24
Francis Nguyen Avatar
The calming effect of their Kava is unmatched. I always look forward to it.
Francis Nguyen 03/07/24
Lucille Proctor Avatar
Customer service is on point; they ensure you're happy with your Kava purchase.
Lucille Proctor 02/07/24
Lennox Boyle Avatar
Quality Kava, fast shipping, and helpful customer service.
Lennox Boyle 12/06/24
Berkley Hayden Avatar
Consistently excellent Kava with a taste that's unmatched by any other.
Berkley Hayden 11/06/24
Charlie Travis Avatar
The strainer bag is a must-have accessory; durable and simplifies the process.
Charlie Travis 10/06/24
Frederick Coleman Avatar
Good feeling but not for me really
Frederick Coleman 10/06/24
Roger Salinas Avatar
Seamless first purchase, the quality is undeniable. I'll be back for more.
Roger Salinas 09/06/24
Castiel Galvan Avatar
If you're into Kava, Australian Kava is the place to go. Amazing variety and potency.
Castiel Galvan 07/06/24
Israel Atkinson Avatar
Each order from Australian Kava confirms it's the best source for high-quality Kava.
Israel Atkinson 05/06/24
Jeremias Ray Avatar
Every order from Australian Kava confirms why it's my preferred Kava source. Great job!
Jeremias Ray 04/06/24
Rebecca Walter Avatar
The flavor profile of their Kava is surprisingly pleasant, and the effects are soothing.
Rebecca Walter 03/06/24
Greyson Ventura Avatar
The Kava from Australian Kava offers a consistently soothing experience.
Greyson Ventura 02/06/24
Braelynn Hunt Avatar
The customer care team is amazing, just like their Kava.
Braelynn Hunt 01/06/24
Niklaus Barnett Avatar
Impressed with the quick shipping and the high-quality Kava.
Niklaus Barnett 01/06/24
Eden Gray Avatar
Their customer service is just as excellent as their Kava. Always a pleasure.
Eden Gray 10/05/24
Avery Roberson Avatar
Their Kava provides the perfect relaxation experience every time.
Avery Roberson 09/05/24
Ashlyn Welch Avatar
Love how each order of Kava comes with consistent quality and potency.
Ashlyn Welch 08/05/24
Rex Nichols Avatar
The express delivery option was a lifesaver. Quality Kava arrived in no time.
Rex Nichols 08/05/24
Alonso Shepard Avatar
The quality of their Kava is evident in its potent effects and smooth taste.
Alonso Shepard 07/05/24
Wes Lucas Avatar
The quality of their Kava and the speed of delivery are both exceptional.
Wes Lucas 06/05/24
Harleigh Cain Avatar
Have ordered 5 times now and have never been disappointed.
Harleigh Cain 05/05/24
Zara Rojas Avatar
The mild taste was a pleasant surprise and I love how it helps me wind down.
Zara Rojas 04/05/24
Bradley Horton Avatar
Their Kava selection is impressive, and the effects are always spot on.
Bradley Horton 03/05/24
Dulce Whitaker Avatar
Never experienced such a potent effect from any other Kava before.
Dulce Whitaker 02/05/24
Vienna Corona Avatar
From ordering to delivery, the process is seamless, and the Kava is always a high standard.
Vienna Corona 12/04/24
Coraline Hodges Avatar
Excellent product, the Kava has a consistent quality that keeps me coming back.
Coraline Hodges 11/04/24
Harry Nava Avatar
Took a chance on Australian Kava and it paid off. Exceptional quality.
Harry Nava 10/04/24
Jasiah Zavala Avatar
Every order is a pleasure with Australian Kava, from purchase to the calming effects.
Jasiah Zavala 09/04/24
Ezra Phan Avatar
Australian Kava's product is by far the most effective I've tried for easing into a state of relaxation. Its smooth flavor and potent effects are a testament to the high quality of their Kava, and the prompt delivery ensures I always have access to this essential part of my relaxation routine.
Ezra Phan 08/04/24
Archer Barnett Avatar
Superb experience with every order. The Kava is potent and the shipping is quick.
Archer Barnett 05/04/24
Marcel Odom Avatar
Their customer service is as premium as their Kava. Completely satisfied.
Marcel Odom 04/04/24
Addilyn Hayden Avatar
Australian Kava's dedication to quality is evident in every sip.
Addilyn Hayden 03/04/24
Nathalie Valdez Avatar
Excellent Kava with a potent effect. It's become part of my nightly routine.
Nathalie Valdez 01/04/24
paul baker Avatar
Australian kava got my order though promptly with no hassels and good kava
paul baker 14/03/24
Fred Flintstone2.0 Avatar
This stuff is dynamite
Fred Flintstone2.0 14/03/24
Chris O'Brien Avatar
Chris O'Brien 13/03/24
Lucy Cotellessa Avatar
A beautiful and potent product. Wouldn’t order anywhere else
Lucy Cotellessa 13/03/24
greyadept Avatar
I've tried a few brands of Kava. And I find that 'Australian Kava' is the strongest that I have tried.
greyadept 12/03/24
ben shewring Avatar
Nice a quick delivery. Relaxing product 👍
ben shewring 12/03/24
Alan Stock Avatar
Great product. Works very well. I am getting great use from my bag.
Alan Stock 12/03/24
Koda Valencia Avatar
liked the taste but too heady
Koda Valencia 11/03/24
Jagger Holloway Avatar
Ordered their Borogu Kava, and it's clear why it's a customer favorite. Fantastic quality.
Jagger Holloway 11/03/24
Jamie Young Avatar
Top Quality Kava and fast postage, Thanks!
Jamie Young 11/03/24
Ava McKinney Avatar
Every order from Australian Kava has been a fantastic experience.
Ava McKinney 10/03/24
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