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500g Premium Kava Dry Root Powder (Gorgor/Borogu Variety) (AAA GRADE)


“Vanuatu Strength” Kava as locals call it…

This Kava is the Gorgor/Borogu Variety (known for being heavy but balanced) with a high average % of kavalactones, and is posted from our Australian warehouse in Brisbane, with 1-7 day delivery times. This Kava has been imported from Vanuatu and prepared through traditional, local methods by Vanuatu local farmers – meaning it is a high strength mixture. Get your order in just a few days if you order now with our delivery guarantee. If you ask locals at Vanuatu Kava bars – they might say this Kava is a ‘step up’ from Fijian varieties.

Highly reviewed Kava

Product Description

Our Kava is a noble variety from Vanuatu and is a potent mix blend between basal roots (which are generally 4-5% Kavalactones) and lateral roots (which are 9-11 % kavalactones). This means you should be careful, as this stuff can be strong!
Harvested from local farms, fresh. This Kava will not expire for at least 1 year from your purchase. It is powdered Kava (meaning the Kava root has been left to sun dry (no chemical processes at all) and then ground into a powder for you.
This is then to be mixed with water, strained and drank, to feel the strong effects of Kava. The less water you mix in, and the longer you let it absorb - the stronger your kava will be.

Kava Root powder is a mildly euphoric herbal drink traditionally used by Pacific Islanders and inhabited peoples throughout Micronesia to help induce relaxation and reduce stress. Kava root interacts with the nervous system to reduce muscle tension, fight anxiety from social situations, exam trauma, or high-stress environments, and stave off insomnia. Kava could actually be a treatment for people who have one of these conditions. The benefits of kava can be felt even if it's consumed in small doses--1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per day can make a powerful difference in reducing the symptoms associated with many health issues.


But that being said, you can follow the instructions on the bag of the bag you purchase to make "Vanuatu Strength Kava" - if you dare...

5 reviews for 500g Premium Kava Dry Root Powder (Gorgor/Borogu Variety) (AAA GRADE)

  1. Winston (verified owner)

    Good quality Kava and great customer service, arrived fast. you can’t go wrong with Australian Kava. Highly recommend.

  2. Juliet (verified owner)

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago. Delivery was fairly fast. Product is good. I’d never tried kava before but had done a bit of research prior to buying. Im very happy with the quality. Not a HUGE fan of the taste, but I can handle it. Definitely relaxing and promotes a sound sleep

  3. Chantelle (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant service, I haven’t had a chance to try the product yet, I’m still in shock on how fast it arrived.. thank you 😊

  4. Ashleigh Smart

    I wanted to buy Kava in Australia and these guys were the most affordable and i would definitely vouch for their product. I will certainly be buying more Kava through Australian Kava in the future.

    Service from Australian Kava was brilliant. Having never tried Kava previously, they were happy to answer all my kava queries over the phone. I pre-ordered my Kava and they kept me up to date with it’s where abouts. I have now received my Kava and am happy to say it had wonderful effects. I felt very relaxed and had the best sleep I’d had in months. Whilst the taste of Kava is not known to be very pleasant, this product was very palatable.

  5. Mark Sleigh

    Bought 2 weeks ago, arrived within a few days. Made it with my tshirt as strainer. Very strong, felt the effects very quickly and I’ve been drinking kava for years.

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