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(Value Pack) 500g Full Strength Premium Kava + Re-Usable Kava Strainer Bag (AAA GRADE)


This kava is to be taken with careful moderation.

We sell kava from the oldest kava farms in the world, boasting the strongest kava on the market. Each year, these tribal growers graft their strongest kava plants together to form a stronger drink. This is repeated every 5 years before harvest, and has been for centuries.

As a result, we offer a premium product based on centuries of selective breeding. So this Kava it is to be taken carefully – you won’t need as much of this mix to feel the effects. Do not drive, or operate heavy machinery. 

  • Triple tested to ensure safety, strength and purity.
  • Use ~30g per serve. Total of 16 servings / sessions from 500g. Increase for stronger effects.
  • Place powder in strainer bag then massage into 300ml warm water + 200ml milk per person). Massage 5 min for strongest effects.
  • Alternative Method: blend all together, then strain through a strainer bag (faster for bigger batches).
  • This is high strength Kava – so exercise caution when mixing larger amounts for stronger effects.
Highly reviewed Kava

Our Kava

This strong blend is from Vanuatu and is AAA Grade, Premium Kava straight from the farmers on Pentecost Island. It's strong, so you don't need much per serve. When mixing more please take caution & don't over-do it.

Combined with our high strength kava mixing recipe (utilising milk) this will knock your socks off. Again, take care and don't drive or operate heavy machinery when using this.

How this Kava has been reviewed providing:

  • Floaty levels of calm
  • Warm fuzzy feeling - slowed thoughts.
  • Far reduced anxiety, especially social anxiety

Save cash when you buy our Premium Vanuatu Kava and Custom Designed Re-usable Kava Strainer Bags together!

Premium Strength Kava RRP: $125
Custom Designed 75 Micron Kava Strainer Bag RRP: $24
Total $149
SALE PRICE $130    |   SAVE $19 (13%)!

Buying the strainer bag & Kava not only gives you premium savings but sets you up with all you need to have a smooth and easy Kava preparation process.

Our Premium Strength Kava from Vanuatu has an easy to drink flavour that is not too bitter but comes with premium strength. Combined with our custom designed and purpose-built strainer bags, your Kava experience is made a breeze.

Drink Kava with a mild flavour that's hard hitting, and mix it up with ease today by ordering from Australian Kava. You won't find a deal this good elsewhere as we cut out the admin and source straight from high strength Vanuatu Kava farms to your mailbox in record time.

can C Avatar
Helpful and great to deal with. They had standard post as the delivery option when I ordered online. They posted immediately!! They were great and quick but Aus Post stuffed it up a bit so I asked if there was an express option for next time… Not only did they reply saying they’ll add that option this week but gave me a discount code too. Thanks for the great service Tom and team 😉
can C 05/06/22
Tania Wilson Avatar
Excellent customer service and a high quality product!
Tania Wilson 11/06/22
Leo Hill Avatar
Outstanding in every aspect: product quality, customer service, and delivery speed.
Leo Hill 30/03/24
Damon Richards Avatar
The express option is incredibly convenient, ensuring I never run out of great Kava.
Damon Richards 29/03/24
Roy Mullen Avatar
I'm not usually a fan of kava, but i really enjoyed this
Roy Mullen 24/03/24
Cassius Hansen Avatar
Never had such fast delivery. Their Kava quality keeps impressing me.
Cassius Hansen 23/03/24
Lyla Parks Avatar
Quick delivery and the Kava is consistently excellent.
Lyla Parks 20/03/24
Vihaan Howard Avatar
Fantastic customer service, and the Kava is the best I've had in Australia.
Vihaan Howard 19/03/24
Xavier Deleon Avatar
What impressed me most about Australian Kava was not just the quality of their product but the efficiency of their service. The express delivery ensures that my Kava arrives promptly, and each batch provides a consistent, deeply relaxing experience that has greatly improved my quality of life.
Xavier Deleon 16/03/24
Eliana Gilmore Avatar
Appreciate the fast shipping and the high standard of Kava they provide.
Eliana Gilmore 14/03/24
Tessa Lin Avatar
Received my order within days. The kava is pure and potent, a true stress reliever.
Tessa Lin 12/03/24
Emory Hardin Avatar
Their express shipping is incredibly fast, and the Kava never disappoints.
Emory Hardin 08/03/24
Elisabeth Robbins Avatar
Love getting the pure stuff from these guys, none of that filler crap
Elisabeth Robbins 07/03/24
Trinity Rios Avatar
Australian Kava offers exceptional Kava and service, always exceeding expectations.
Trinity Rios 07/03/24
Nova Coffey Avatar
Their Borogu Kava is a must-try. The effects are long-lasting and quite soothing.
Nova Coffey 05/03/24
Brinley Bravo Avatar
I'm a regular customer and have never been disappointed.
Brinley Bravo 04/03/24
Wes Lucas Avatar
The quality of their Kava and the speed of delivery are both exceptional.
Wes Lucas 03/03/24
Kelsey Stewart Avatar
Vanuatu Kava from Australian Kava is the best I've tried. Fantastic and strong.
Kelsey Stewart 01/03/24
Eleanor Prince Avatar
From the quality of the product to the efficiency of delivery, everything is top-notch.
Eleanor Prince 29/02/24
Teagan Butler Avatar
Was OK - good value for what you get
Teagan Butler 28/02/24
Jude Jackson Avatar
Impressed with the fast shipping and high-quality Kava.
Jude Jackson 17/02/24
Jett Barnes Avatar
Great experience with every purchase. The Kava is top-quality and highly effective.
Jett Barnes 15/02/24
Caspian Huerta Avatar
Always a pleasure dealing with Australian Kava. Top-notch product every time.
Caspian Huerta 14/02/24
Kaylani Wallace Avatar
stronger than the fijian stuff definitely
Kaylani Wallace 13/02/24
Robin Stanton Avatar
The Kava from Australian Kava is incredibly effective for relaxation and stress relief.
Robin Stanton 11/02/24
Thalia Branch Avatar
Effortless ordering process and the Kava's quality is unbeatable for winding down.
Thalia Branch 08/02/24
Kolton Hebert Avatar
I am now a regular customer of Australian Kava.
Kolton Hebert 02/02/24
Josephine Fry Avatar
Their Kava selection is excellent, offering a great variety of effects and flavors.
Josephine Fry 02/02/24
Daniela Romero Avatar
Never tried before - had this one and knocked my socks offlol
Daniela Romero 30/01/24
Maeve Hernandez Avatar
no problems
Maeve Hernandez 30/01/24
Shiloh Buckley Avatar
Finding a reliable Kava supplier in Australia was tough until I found Australian Kava.
Shiloh Buckley 30/01/24
Jay Hoffman Avatar
So good - i've tried most vendors and this is by far the best kava i've had
Jay Hoffman 28/01/24
Eloise Baker Avatar
Each order from Australian Kava delivers a consistent and highly satisfying experience. The Kava's potency is perfect for my needs, offering a reliable and natural way to relax and destress. Their attentive customer service and rapid shipping further enhance the overall experience.
Eloise Baker 28/01/24
Frederick Coleman Avatar
Good feeling but not for me really
Frederick Coleman 22/01/24
Alora Leonard Avatar
The quality and service from Australian Kava have been outstanding every time.
Alora Leonard 20/01/24
Nicholas Bruce Avatar
The best Kava I've tried in Australia, hands down. It has a smooth taste and potent effects.
Nicholas Bruce 19/01/24
Kyleigh Klein Avatar
The quality is always excellent and the customer service is outstanding.
Kyleigh Klein 15/01/24
Jameson Carey Avatar
Their Kava hits the sweet spot every time. It's potent and pure.
Jameson Carey 15/01/24
Haylee Sullivan Avatar
The potency of Australian Kava's product is unmatched. It's my go-to for relaxation.
Haylee Sullivan 13/01/24
Paola Ashley Avatar
I appreciate the variety and the detailed descriptions, made choosing Kava easy.
Paola Ashley 12/01/24
Preston Lawson Avatar
Fast delivery and the Kava effect is just what I needed for my stress levels.
Preston Lawson 12/01/24
Jon Gould Avatar
The first time I tried Australian Kava, I was taken aback by the quality and depth of relaxation it provided. The smooth taste and the ease with which it helped me unwind were unparalleled. Beyond the product itself, the company's focus on customer experience, from the ease of navigation on their website to the swift and reliable delivery, sets them apart. Each batch I've received has been consistently excellent, reaffirming my decision to make Australian Kava a staple in my life.
Jon Gould 11/01/24
Koda Valencia Avatar
liked the taste but too heady
Koda Valencia 07/01/24
Francis Charles Avatar
The Borogu Kava they offer is potent and perfect for my relaxation needs.
Francis Charles 05/01/24
Conner Sanchez Avatar
combined this with milk as their guides say, that worked well
Conner Sanchez 04/01/24
Kamryn Quinn Avatar
Australian Kava's reputation for quality is well-earned. Each order brings a sense of anticipation for the peace and relaxation their Kava provides. Beyond the product itself, their customer service is outstanding, offering personalized assistance and ensuring each customer's needs are met. The rapid shipping means I can rely on Australian Kava to help me manage my stress and relaxation needs efficiently.
Kamryn Quinn 03/01/24
Tommy McBride Avatar
I was new to Kava and the team at Australian Kava made it so accessible.
Tommy McBride 03/01/24
Kylen Newton Avatar
Their Kava is authentic and potent, with a surprisingly pleasant taste.
Kylen Newton 29/12/23
Natalia Burgess Avatar
big fan of Australian Kava's stuff. Really liked it.
Natalia Burgess 27/12/23
Nehemiah Carey Avatar
Exceptional service and product. Their Kava has a consistently calming effect.
Nehemiah Carey 20/12/23
Reece Wood Avatar
I would recommend to others.
Reece Wood 19/12/23
Ari Baker Avatar
The Borogu Kava is especially impressive, providing a deep and calming relaxation.
Ari Baker 16/12/23
Liliana Shepard Avatar
Their Kava offers a consistently excellent experience, both in quality and effect.
Liliana Shepard 14/12/23
Cole Caldwell Avatar
Quality product, quick dispatch. Australian Kava is doing it right.
Cole Caldwell 12/12/23
Finnegan Hale Avatar
Definitely the best kava I've tried in Australia.
Finnegan Hale 11/12/23
Boston Nelson Avatar
The delivery was as prompt as promised and the Kava quality is superior to others.
Boston Nelson 10/12/23
Keenan Crosby Avatar
Love the product! The Kava is smooth and the effects are perfect for relaxation.
Keenan Crosby 07/12/23
Aliyah Marks Avatar
Excellent product, the Kava has a mild taste and the effects are just right.
Aliyah Marks 29/11/23
Zora Howell Avatar
I appreciate the quick shipping and the consistent quality of their Kava.
Zora Howell 27/11/23
Jasiah Zavala Avatar
Every order is a pleasure with Australian Kava, from purchase to the calming effects.
Jasiah Zavala 25/11/23
Miller Barber Avatar
felt very relaxed afterwards and even slept well that night
Miller Barber 24/11/23
Lucille Proctor Avatar
Customer service is on point; they ensure you're happy with your Kava purchase.
Lucille Proctor 22/11/23
Archer Barnett Avatar
Superb experience with every order. The Kava is potent and the shipping is quick.
Archer Barnett 22/11/23
Khloe Roth Avatar
The kava was great and I felt really relaxed after drinking it
Khloe Roth 20/11/23
Alejandro Grant Avatar
Loved it
Alejandro Grant 20/11/23
Marilyn Molina Avatar
Always a positive experience with Australian Kava, from purchase to consumption.
Marilyn Molina 16/11/23
Shay Bates Avatar
it was smooth and not too bitter
Shay Bates 13/11/23
Keith Sherman Avatar
Ordering is simple, delivery is prompt, and the Kava is just perfection.
Keith Sherman 13/11/23
Israel Atkinson Avatar
Each order from Australian Kava confirms it's the best source for high-quality Kava.
Israel Atkinson 09/11/23
Aubriella Kim Avatar
Pure and strong, exactly what I look for in Kava. Theirs is the real deal.
Aubriella Kim 02/11/23
Phoebe Cisneros Avatar
Never had such a smooth experience ordering Kava online. Great product, great service.
Phoebe Cisneros 29/10/23
Beckett Harris Avatar
A reliable source for high-quality Kava. The shipping is fast and the product is excellent.
Beckett Harris 27/10/23
Zahra Ward Avatar
Found my perfect Kava match; their premium variety is truly superior.
Zahra Ward 26/10/23
Zendaya Pham Avatar
Their Kava helps me unwind like nothing else. It's become an essential part of my routine.
Zendaya Pham 21/10/23
Ava Olson Avatar
Their Kava is perfect for my needs, and the effects are consistently great.
Ava Olson 16/10/23
Sylvia Farmer Avatar
My experience with Australian Kava has been nothing short of exceptional. From the fast and reliable shipping to the unmatched quality of the Kava, every aspect of their service has exceeded my expectations. The Kava offers a potent and pleasant way to unwind, making it a vital part of my relaxation regimen.
Sylvia Farmer 16/10/23
Kaitlyn Fuentes Avatar
Good one for me as a starter in kava - have been ordering for a while
Kaitlyn Fuentes 15/10/23
Charleigh Hammond Avatar
Ordering Kava has never been easier. Great product, fast service.
Charleigh Hammond 15/10/23
Kendall Cunningham Avatar
Highest quality kava in aus for sure. Best price in my books
Kendall Cunningham 15/10/23
Holly Higgins Avatar
For someone new to Kava, their guide was super helpful and made the experience great.
Holly Higgins 08/10/23
Liv Jensen Avatar
Their Vanuatu Kava is a standout, offering a traditional experience and strong effects.
Liv Jensen 07/10/23
Everly May Avatar
Been a regular for months now; Australian Kava never disappoints with their quality.
Everly May 01/10/23
James Holt Avatar
Enjoyed the taste which i thought was bitter, kinda weird, but made me float
James Holt 30/09/23
Rowen Lim Avatar
Since discovering Australian Kava, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall well-being. Their Kava, especially the premium varieties, provides a level of relaxation and mental clarity that's hard to come by with other brands. What impresses me the most, however, is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Each order is handled with care, ensuring that I receive the finest quality Kava right at my doorstep. The effects are consistently soothing, making it my go-to for unwinding after a stressful day.
Rowen Lim 27/09/23
Eden Gray Avatar
Their customer service is just as excellent as their Kava. Always a pleasure.
Eden Gray 23/09/23
Ruth Hunter Avatar
The Kava quality is consistently excellent, providing the perfect relaxation after a long day.
Ruth Hunter 19/09/23
Zoya Crawford Avatar
Top-tier Kava, noticeable quality difference from other products I've tried.
Zoya Crawford 14/09/23
Aya McCormick Avatar
The premium strength of their Kava is unmatched, highly effective for relaxation.
Aya McCormick 13/09/23
Kyler Rush Avatar
The Kava quality is always top-notch, and the delivery times are unbeatable.
Kyler Rush 12/09/23
Yaretzi Guzman Avatar
Their selection and quality of Kava are unmatched.
Yaretzi Guzman 11/09/23
Walter Bowen Avatar
If you're after strong and authentic Kava, look no further than Australian Kava.
Walter Bowen 10/09/23
Amos Evans Avatar
Smooth order process and quick delivery. The Kava is potent and high quality.
Amos Evans 04/09/23
Angie Snow Avatar
Consistent quality with each order. Their Kava makes relaxation easy.
Angie Snow 03/09/23
Maison Barry Avatar
Quick delivery, and the quality of the Kava has made me a repeat customer.
Maison Barry 02/09/23
Waverly Vazquez Avatar
Australian Kava's selection is top-notch. Each order has been a great experience.
Waverly Vazquez 30/08/23
Wayne Wheeler Avatar
I was a bit hesitant to order this kava, but I'm glad I did. The quality is excellent and the effects are strong - perfect for relaxation.
Wayne Wheeler 28/08/23
Luca Cardenas Avatar
Exceptional service and the quality of the Kava is consistently excellent.
Luca Cardenas 27/08/23
Brixton Cruz Avatar
Tried many Kava products and Australian Kava stands out in the crowd.
Brixton Cruz 27/08/23
Aria Greene Avatar
4/5 - was good, would probably buy again
Aria Greene 26/08/23
Aspen Mullen Avatar
I really like the way this kava makes me feel - so relaxed and at ease.
Aspen Mullen 25/08/23
Kate Hansen Avatar
This is the third time ordering their Vanuatu Kava and I'm consistently impressed.
Kate Hansen 22/08/23
Gustavo Zavala Avatar
Australian Kava is the go-to for anyone serious about their Kava ritual.
Gustavo Zavala 18/08/23
Chanel Singh Avatar
Outstanding product and service. The Kava from Australian Kava is the best on the market.
Chanel Singh 14/08/23
Jeremias Duke Avatar
Reliable delivery and the Kava quality is consistent. Been a game-changer for my evening routine.
Jeremias Duke 11/08/23
Bellamy Faulkner Avatar
The richness of the Kava flavor is matched by its calming effects.
Bellamy Faulkner 05/08/23
Hope Steele Avatar
Australian Kava has become my go-to for quality and reliability.
Hope Steele 02/08/23
Legacy Mathis Avatar
Impeccable customer service matched with a high-quality Kava.
Legacy Mathis 01/08/23
Keenan Koch Avatar
A fantastic product that has significantly improved my sleep quality.
Keenan Koch 01/08/23
Mya Bowers Avatar
The quality of their Kava is unmatched, offering a consistently excellent experience.
Mya Bowers 29/07/23
Keyla Matthews Avatar
I was skeptical, but this Kava is great. Good taste and very soothing.
Keyla Matthews 28/07/23
Zariyah Scott Avatar
Their Kava is the best for relaxing after a long day. Smooth and potent.
Zariyah Scott 27/07/23
Raven Stanton Avatar
Every order from Australian Kava has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.
Raven Stanton 25/07/23
Rhett David Avatar
Ordering is easy, delivery is quick, and the Kava is the best I've had.
Rhett David 23/07/23
Keily Moon Avatar
Can't beat the quality of Kava here. Plus, the shipping is impressively fast.
Keily Moon 22/07/23
Maddison Roach Avatar
helped a bit with my anxiety
Maddison Roach 20/07/23
Maleah Holt Avatar
I was pleasantly surprised by the mild taste and the strong relaxing effects.
Maleah Holt 19/07/23
Blakely Carpenter Avatar
Their fast delivery and exceptional Kava quality make for a fantastic service.
Blakely Carpenter 14/07/23
Gabrielle Stein Avatar
I've been a regular customer of Australian Kava for some time now, and each order reaffirms my choice. The Kava's potent effects for stress relief and relaxation are unmatched, and the quality of each batch is consistently high, making it an essential part of my evening routine.
Gabrielle Stein 12/07/23
Isaias Dixon Avatar
Australian Kava's selection is unparalleled. Each variety offers a unique and satisfying experience.
Isaias Dixon 11/07/23
Journee Noble Avatar
Best Kava in the market and the fastest shipping available.
Journee Noble 09/07/23
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