(Value Pack) 500g Premium Strength Kava + Re-Usable Kava Strainer Bag



Product Description

Save cash when you buy our Premium Vanuatu Kava and Custom Designed Re-usable Kava Strainer Bags together!

Premium Strength Kava RRP: $125
Custom Designed 75 Micron Kava Strainer Bag RRP: $24
Total $149
SALE PRICE $106    |   SAVE $43 (29%)!

Buying the strainer bag & Kava not only gives you premium savings but sets you up with all you need to have a smooth and easy Kava preparation process.

Our Premium Strength Kava from Vanuatu has an easy to drink flavour that is not too bitter but comes with premium strength. Combined with our custom designed and purpose-built strainer bags, your Kava experience is made a breeze.

Drink Kava with a mild flavour that’s hard hitting, and mix it up with ease today by ordering from Australian Kava. You won’t find a deal this good elsewhere as we cut out the admin and source straight from high strength Vanuatu Kava farms to your mailbox in record time.


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