6kg Premium Noble Kava Dry Root Powder (AAA Grade)


This Kava is from The Island of Pentecost in Vanuatu from the Gorgor/Borogu variety and is available to ship from our Brisbane warehouse in Australia now! Get your order in just a few days if you order now with our delivery guarantee.

The best kava powder you can buy online. Our powdered Noble Kava is a premium quality, full-spectrum kavalactone extract. It is the most complete and potent form of powdered kava root available anywhere in the world. Grown organically on small family farms in Vanuatu, the powder ensures maximum potency and purity of this noble root.

Highly reviewed Kava

Product Description

This product is a 1kg bag of Noble Kava Dry Root. It is pure very fine grind powdered kava powder and makes you feel very relaxed. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding to water or juice to make an instant drink or mixing with milk for a more traditional taste.

The bag is able to be sent to you in Australia from our local warehouse,  where we have imported the kava from Vanuatu. The delivery time is 1-4 days and the fastest with Express post.

This will enable you to purchase kava that is strong, and at a cheaper price than elsewhere on the internet.


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