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Kava Specific Strainer Bag (Reusable) FREE SHIPPING


The number one problem we hear from customers is that nowhere offers the ideal strainer bag. There are plenty of places selling ‘cheese cloth’ or muslin wraps and passing it off as a Kava bag.

Just because it strains things, doesn’t mean it’s the best at it!

We’d rather sell the perfect product. Just like our maximum strength, maximum value kava – we ONLY offer the best possible strainer engineered to perfection, re-usable and easily washable.

Experience the difference of a 75 microgram strainer bag designed SPECIFICALLY for kava today.

Buy your Kava strainer bag with a bag of our kava and receive a discounted package.

Highly reviewed Kava

Product Description

Our specially custom-designed re-usable strainer bags are exactly 75 microns in thickness, the perfect design to strain Kava optimally for the highest potency & easiest straining experience. It’s extremely important the bag is engineered to 75 microns of thickness (that’s how big the holes in the bag are) so that the water flows in and out, but the Kava powder does not.

These bags are engineered so you can easily massage your Kava in a large bowl with an easy to use drawstring at the top to tighten up and prevent spillage.

Measuring exactly 31cm wide and 30cm tall, this bag could easily fit 500g of Kava, put to even 1kg at a time. It works just as well on small doses of say 50g.

Use our strainer bag and you’ll have your kava made up in a matter of 2-3 minutes, at the highest potency possible.




2 reviews for Kava Specific Strainer Bag (Reusable) FREE SHIPPING

  1. Mark

    My strainer bag just arrived and I’m really happy with it. It’s great quality and easy to use.

  2. Sam

    Love this strainer bag, made making my Kava so much quicker and easier compared to using a tea towel.

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