Where DOes Our Kava Come From?

In a world where some kava is grown in backyards, and others in organic, remote, high quality farms – it’s important to show where our kava comes from. We’re proud to show we source the purest and highest quality kava possible.

We even made a documentary to show you.

Buy some of the strongest kava in the world

The kava we sell comes from some of the first tribes to grow and export kava, in the world. Every year, this tribe cultivates their strongest kava plants, with their other strongest plants – to form the highest quality and strongest kava you can buy.

Looking for authentic, strong kava? Don’t want mud water from someone’s backyard? Buy kava directly from the authentic source, through Australian Kava.


How do we sell AAA grade Kava at such a popular price?

We don’t mess around processing, repackaging and storing all the Kava with employees out the wazoo. Some other companies do, and you pay the premium for that.

Our premium means one thing, high quality.

We went through the arduous process of finding the best kava around, from some of the best farmers in the world, and import it from the farmers to Australia. We then ship that straight out to you.

So you end up with a fairly direct link to the farmers, offering you the cheapest rate for high strength, 100% pure Vanuatu Kava.

This is the stuff you would get at the kava bars in Vanuatu! Enjoy, and drink responsibly.

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